Create a unique cornucopia of fall colors by arranging your favorite autumn blooms on a chic serving tray. Simply cover a moistened block of floral foam with a combination of spreading greenery and low-lying fall blooms. When you're finished, place the tray on a buffet table and surround with a delicious selection of fruits and cheeses for guests to enjoy while they admire your gorgeous centerpiece.Assorted dahlias/ persimmons (available at local market or persimmon branches) / yard clippings (we used vines, maple leafs, boxwood, sage, dusty miller and berry branches all foraged) / ornamental or edible cabbage / thistle (local market) / wet floral foam (online or local craft store) / one large tray for your arrangement so you have plenty of room to work at least 12 inches across and 6 inches wide.


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Flower Arrangements

Autumn is known as harvest season and for good reason. Gorgeous deep red dahlias, cheery yellow mums and decorative gourds are at their prime and ready.

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Autumn Inspired Bouquet

Cockscomb flower heads are heavy, so use a high binding point to arrange these flowers and foliage. If you can't find smokebush, the bouquet will still look striking.

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Spring Bouquet

The contrasting blues and oranges of this vibrant hand-tied bouquet make the blooms sing with intensity.This arrangement makes a gorgeous.

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Winter Vibrant Bouquet

Don't believe the myth that winter arrangements are necessarily drab. This colorful bouquet uses available specimens to its advantage, producing a lush look.

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Mixed Flower Arrangement

Exotic cymbidium orchids warm up cool winter berries and skimmia in this crisp white and green vase arrangement, which looks stunning in a hallway.

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Luxurious Winter Display

Cymbidium orchids and bells of Ireland update a traditional all-around mixed display of classic red roses and and silvery green foliage. This very full arrangement.

Flower Decorations

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    Fall Harvest Centerpiece

    Whether you're a floral pro or a novice designer, get your home party-ready this fall with a bounty of colorful and unique floral arrangements you can create right at home.Autumn is known as harvest season and for good reason. Gorgeous deep red dahlias, cheery yellow mums and decorative gourds are at their prime and ready for picking.


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Fishbowl Vase

Loose, unstructured flowers and a smooth, curvy bowl vase create a colorful contrast in this bright, contemporary design.

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Sunflower Vase

The strong, textural look of these loosely arranged sunflowers give a sense of organic growth, as if they are still growing in a field.

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Edible Fall Centerpiece

Pair ornamental kale with asparagus to create a stunning (and edible!) centerpiece for your fall get-together or Thanksgiving dinner.

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Fall Leaf Centerpiece

All you need is some patterned scrapbook paper, twine, glitter spray.seasonal centerpiece that will last through the fall?

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